Best Refrigerator Guide with Different Types of Refrigerator

The refrigerator has been one of the most important innovations in the household appliances category in the last century.

Although once a luxury, but thanks to the liberalization and flourishing of the Indian economy, it is now an indispensable device in the Indian household.

With the rising middle class and a higher disposable income, the demand for refrigerators has grown strongly in the last few years with double digits. Due to the increasing demands, manufacturers have also devised pioneering innovation to improve the utility of refrigerators. So if you are someone who hasn’t been shopping for a while, you’d be surprised to see the latest refrigerators, packed with features that keep food fresh for longer.

In this article, we cover all the latest and trending technologies that come with new refrigerators so that you can make a smart decision the next time you decide to buy a refrigerator.

Classification of Refrigerator in India

Before you begin with the refrigerator technologies, it is important to know what different types of refrigerators are, so that you can better understand the essence of each technology, specific to the type of refrigerator. Here is a brief list of refrigerator types with their prominent features in the increasing order of volume/capacity:

Compact Refrigerator Freezer :

Compact Refrigerator Freezer
Compact Refrigerator

Also known as a bar fridge, this is the smallest type of fridge that usually comes with a volume in the range of 50 to 100 liters. The most important advantage is that they are cheap and portable. The disadvantage is inefficiency for the given volume. Very few brands (such as Godrej and Haier) offer this type of refrigerator.

Refrigerator with one door: this is the most popular refrigerator that generally has a capacity of 150 to 250 liters, suitable for a nuclear/small family. All major brands (with the exception of Hitachi) offer this category of refrigerators.

Double-door Refrigerator (conventional):

Double-door Refrigerator
Double-door Refrigerator

conventional double-door fridge comes with two doors, with the top door taking up less than a third of the total size for the freezer, while the larger bottom for the normal fridge. This model generally offers the largest variety and is usually the most energy-efficient for the given volume. Their capacity varies from 250 ltr and higher.

Bottom mounted fridge: this class fridge has two doors, but with the freezer compartment at the bottom. This type of refrigerator is more suitable for families who use fewer frozen foods because it does not often have to be bent to remove food from the refrigerator.

Fridge with French doors: Fridges with French doors are usually the largest and most versatile refrigerator class with around 3 or more doors. Fridges with French doors are ideal for large well-to-do families who want to categorize their food well and want the best fridge functions.

Convertible Refrigerator Freezer

 Convertible Refrigerator
Convertible Refrigerator

Optimally managing a refrigerator with convertible freezer in an optimized way can be a challenge. Because there are times when you don’t need the freezer or just have a small amount of food to store. In such cases, major brands such as Samsung and LG offer a convertibility option that can be used to convert the freezer to the refrigerator or even to completely switch off the freezer compartment. Samsung models such as RT65K7 and RT61K7 are the best in offering this functionality because they offer 5 different convertible options that are mentioned as follows:

Normal mode fridge :

this is the usual mode where the upper compartment of the refrigerator is used as a freezer and the larger lower part for normal cooling. With this option enabled, users can not only have a refrigerator room that holds a long supply of food for a long time, but also a freezer that gives ice faster.

Extra fridge mode :

Extra fridge mode gives the freedom to turn the freezer compartment into the normal. This feature is useful for someone who often takes more bags of vegetables home than can be filled in the refrigerator.

Seasonal mode fridge:

Seasonal mode allows you to switch off the freezer without affecting the smooth operation of the refrigerator compartment. This function is useful when there is no food left to freeze.

Holiday mode fridge:

Refrigerator works 24 × 7, 365 days a year (provided there are no power outages). This means that they use electricity continuously. There may be times when the user leaves your home/town for vacation, wedding or other purposes. That also for a longer period of days. It is clear that they would neither take the fridge nor use anyone else. But the regular fridge would keep piling up loudly on electricity units. To save users from this perilous situation, Samsung offers the vacation mode in which the user can easily switch off the lower refrigerator compartment while only the freezer compartment continues to operate normally.

Home Alone mode Refrigerator:

Home Alone mode is the most energy-saving mode in which users can easily close the refrigerator compartment and move all small stocks of perishable goods to the upper compartment, which is now being converted into a mini-fridge.

Based on Samsung, LG also offers something called Dual Fridge. With the help of Dual Fridge technology, users can convert the freezer to the normal refrigerator. LG’s conversion technology is arguably the fastest with a conversion time of less than 70 minutes.

Ice Beam Door, Dual Fan and 360° Airflow for all-around cooling

Refrigeration technology has improved considerably in recent years. The modern refrigerator is supplied with strategically placed cooling openings that ensure that the cool air in the refrigerator is circulated in a uniform manner so that there is no discrepancy in the cooling.

Modern fridges with single and double doors from Haier come with a technology called 360 degrees airflow that maintains the even temperature in the fridge. It circulates air evenly in multiple directions from the air vents with multiple air flows so that every corner of the refrigerator is cooled evenly. This airflow system helps to keep the interior evenly cool, free from strange frozen or warm places. The stored food stays fresh longer with this sharply designed airflow system.

360 degree Air flow inlet

Just like 360-degree airflow offered by Haier, Whirlpool offers 3D Airflow technology that provides uniform cooling through a strategically placed pair of flexible vents. This also allows the user to set the direction of the cool air.

New fridges with double doors from LG come with Ice Beam Door Cooling technology that keeps the temperature in the fridge even. It circulates air evenly in multiple directions from the multi-air vents along with the rear, so that every corner of the refrigerator is cooled evenly. This keeps the stored food item fresh for longer. They also do this uniform cooling 35% faster than the conventional cooling system.

kitchen with refrigerator double door
new generation refrigertaor

Archaic fridge models are usually supplied with a single fan that takes care of the cooling of both fridge and freezer. But most new Samsung, Godrej and Hitachi refrigerators come with a dual fan system that allows independent cooling of the cooling and freezing compartments. With the help of two separate fans, it effectively circulates the cold air through the refrigerator. Thanks to the Dual Fan Air Jet technology, premium Hitachi refrigerators are able to cool the refrigerator even at a very high ambient temperature of 60 ° C.

A perfect blackout backup with cooling gel, cooling wall and insulated capillary

Power outages and tax cuts are common in India, especially in distant towns and villages. Because cooling generally works 24 × 7, it is a household appliance that is most susceptible to irregular power outages. Power outage causes two problems for the refrigerator.

Firstly, food waste is the case if a power outage persists for a longer period of time. Secondly, much more dangerous – damage to the refrigerator due to voltage fluctuations. Modern refrigerators equipped with technologies such as cooling gel can mitigate the impact of power outages.

Top Brand for Refrigerator in India

Top Refrigerator Brands
Top Refrigerator Brands

Most modern refrigerator top 10 brands such as Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, etc. come with a cooling gel, which is released in the form of cool gas, which is then circulated in the refrigerator to keep it cool for a few hours.

StayCool is a cooling gel technology from Godrej. StayCool keeps food frozen for a few hours without electricity and keeps the freezer compartment cold even when there is no electricity. This means that even ice stored in the refrigerator will not melt for a few hours in the event of a power failure.

Samsung is the first manufacturer in India with a Cool Wall in the fridge – a specially designed wall that retains cooling for several hours even in the event of a power failure. It is a wonderful addition to the Cool Pack – a cooling gel technology to keep the food refrigerated in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours.

In addition to the usual cooling gel, modern direct cool refrigerant to the freezer, it loses cooling when exposed to the environment (when opening the door), but the isolated capillary technology of the Whirlpool surrounds the capillary with the super cold gas. With this technology, the freezer reaches the low temperature up to -26 ° C. Insulated capillary technology helps to keep the freezer cool even during a power failure for up to 12 hours.

Similarly, in the Haier refrigerator to complement the effect of cooling gel, the interior edges of the refrigerator have a diamond-shaped design. The main advantage of this design is that it slows the melting of ice. This becomes very handy during a power failure, which extends the storage period for cooling.

Spacious and adaptable interior design

kitchen interior
Adaptable interior in refrigerator

The modern refrigerator comes with many options and styles to store the food with complete flexibility, in the form of shelves, crispers, cooling machines, bottle holders and wine racks.

For those who don’t know, the lower compartment of the refrigerator used for storing fruit and vegetables is sharper. Whirlpool offers a range of sharper types and designs:

Fresh & Sort crisper: a crispy style in which a mini crisper is given in the main sharpener. This is done to sort the type of material stored. Fruit can be stored in the mini vegetable, while the rest of the vegetable can be filled with vegetables.

Twin Seal crisper: a simple style for allocating the space for fruit and vegetables separately

Trizone crispers: sort vegetables into three different zones to preserve freshness and moisture content. In this way, even vegetables can be further sorted and the mixing of odors can be avoided.

The Adapta shelves are another important feature of the modern Whirlpool refrigerator. They offer great flexibility for adjusting boards. The zigzag shape holder is flexible enough to adapt to different types and sizes of storage. It is one of the most customizable ways to easily manage the space in the refrigerator.

Vegetable chips given in the new high-end Haier models are approximately 50% larger than the conventional ones. An important utility of this crisper is that it can be easily removed, even if the space for opening the door is smaller, thanks to the 90-degree Contour door design. This would be a blessing for those who plan to install their refrigerator in a place where it would be difficult to open the door completely.

The new series of double door refrigerators from Godrej comes with a unique polybag suspender with hooks to easily hang up the frozen food. There are also few models from the premium NXW series with a smart foldable wine rack for 5 bottles.

Use of LED lightning with energy-saving

The lighting system in most of the modern refrigerator has been replaced by LEDs. Modern Samsung fridges are equipped with new LED lighting that is not only slimmer but also softer and much more energy efficient. Because they take up less space, they help to increase the usable fridge space for storing perishable goods. This LED lighting system emits 10 times less heat than the normal lamps. This means that food would remain much more immune to temperature fluctuations as a result of the exposure.

The LED lamps used by LG help to reduce energy consumption by up to 77%.The best part is that they are about 26 times more durable than conventional lamps in older fridges. Consumers can save a good sum of money because they use much less energy while having a good lifespan, which means that fewer repairs and replacements are needed.

In addition to the LED lighting, Godrej refrigerators come with a different advanced function, motion-sensitive lights that can detect any movement. Based on the detected action, it illuminates the area where the user is looking for food or trying to rank the food items.

Digital inverter compressor for optimized cooling, energy-saving and noise reduction

Digital Inverter technology is perhaps the most important innovation and pushes the boundaries of water cooling technology.

To know the importance of a digital inverter compressor, we first need to know how conventional compressors work. Such compressors are designed to operate continuously under peak load conditions, which means that they work even in winters with peak loads when the cooling requirement is lower.

As an upgrade to these simple compressor manufacturers, the inverter compressor technology has emerged. Samsung and LG are leading in this department because they come with the most advanced inverters and are the only two brands that deliver inverter technology in one through refrigerators.

Inverter Refrigerator

new generation inverter technology 4 door refrigerator
inverter technology refrigerator

Samsung arms its compressor with a smart digital inverter in Refrigerator with 7 adjustable speeds to meet different cooling needs. The operation of the compressor with inverter technology is analogous to the auto accelerator pedal. When the required speed is higher, the acceleration is more, and when it is lower, and then the acceleration is less.

This ensures that the compressor during the summer season when the cooling load is higher, works at peak capacity and absorbs more electricity. But during winters, when the cooling load is less, the compressor runs at lower speeds or uses less electricity. Even during the summers, the night temperature is lower than the day temperature. Thus electricity is saved even during the late evenings when the compressor can run at a slower speed.

LG, on the other hand, offers even more advanced and energy-efficient linear inverters that save up to 32% in energy by adjusting the cooling capacity to the amount of food in the refrigerator. Because they use piston drive instead of reciprocal, cooling performs with optimum efficiency, leading to large energy savings. This compressor operates within a temperature range of ± 0.5 ° C – almost half the temperature variation compared to the normal compressor.


In this article we, therefore, saw all the important technologies in the refrigerator world. We also learned how they influence and relax our cooling needs. Samsung and LG have usually been at the forefront of cooling technology and innovation.

Convertible refrigerators that allow users to fully adjust their cooling requirements is one of the attractive innovations in cooling technology.

Double fan, ice bar door, and 3D airflow ensures that the cooling air is evenly distributed and that the ambient heat cannot penetrate the refrigerator. Cooling gel with cooling wall and diamond edges ensures that the cooling stays in the fridge for a long time, even during a power failure.


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