Top 10 Best Smart TV in India 2020 – LED TV

Television is nothing but an Idiot Box, which has become one of the smart led tv devices, without which we cannot spend an entire day. Thanks to the various trending functions, our TV is now a smart TV with a lot of entertainment.

Buying the best smart TV is usually a big investment for most people. But with the availability of different smart TVs on the market, choosing the right one can be misleading. This article helps you plan to buy your dream smart TV because it covers all the necessary information and details about the best smart TV.

Top 10 best budget smart TVs in India (2019)

32 Inch Smart TV

  • LG Smart TV 32LJ573D,
  • Sony Bravia KLV-32W6272G

40 Inch Smart TV

  • TCL 40-inches Full HD LED Smart 40S62FS
  • Samsung 40-inches Smart 7-in-1 Full HD Smart LED TV UA40N5200ARXXL

43 Inch Smart TV

  • Mi LED Smart TV 4A PRO 43-Inch Full HD Smart LED TV
  • Sanyo 43-inches Full HD IPS LED TV-XT43S7300F

Best 49 to 55 inches Smart TVs

  • Sony Bravia 49-inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KD – 49X7002G
  • LG 55-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD
  • Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2 cm Full HD Android TV
  • OnePlus TV 55 Q1Pro – Smart TV with unmistakable clarity

Best Smart LED TVs 2019

32 inch smart TV

LG Smart TV 32LJ573D

Trust that LG delivers goods every time. LG has some of the best consumer devices in its category. This LG Smart TV 32 inch 32lj573dis one of them and offers stunning images with a lot of vividness in color.

The Dynamic Color Enhancer feature includes an advanced image processor that can adjust colors to produce vivid and natural images with the Web OS feature, you can enjoy movies and other entertainment programs from apps such as Hot Star, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

LG Smart Led TV comes with a unique dashboard that allows you to connect your other smart devices and view content on the big screen.The thin bezel design also makes it an attractive TV to watch. In short, this LG TV should qualify as the best 32-inch TV in India.


  1. LG Smart TV 32 inch full HD comes with an IPS panel that allows viewers to view the screen up to 178 degrees wide for angles. The active HDR function optimizes images and ensures that you distinguish subtotal changes in colors and contrast.
  2. The LG Smart TV has DTS Virtual X audio and you can enjoy flawless and versatile audio through the built-in speakers. The Dolby audio function significantly improves the sound to give a cinema-like feel.
  3. This LG Smart TV comes with a quad-core processor that eliminates image noise to create more dynamic colors and contrast. This scales up low-resolution images to produce HD quality photos.


  • Exemplary picture quality
  • First-class sound
  • Web OS features


  • Inadequate connectivity ports

Sony Bravia KLV-32W6272G

Compared to Mi TV, Sony Bravia will look expensive, but Sony Bravia Led TV comes with exclusive features such as Full HD LED TV display and other smart features.Sony W6272G series LED TV can entertain with high brightness and deep bass. This TV comes with an FHD screen resolution that allows the consumer to experience amazing clarity and details.

This resolution eliminates image noise to improve brightness. X-Reality PRO is a feature that is available on all Sony Bravia TVs. This function enhances every pixel to display full HD brightness. This TV has HDR in the sense that it guarantees the reproduction of the blackest color and has the brightness of white in full brightness.

Sony Led TV is known for its image quality. At the same time, they also distribute audio of the highest order. The Sony audio system produces the deepest bass ever on a TV. Dynamic disc speakers bring music to its full range.


  1. With Clear Audio + technology you can hear the dialogs clearly and separate the music from the voice.
  2. The Sony Bravia smart TV with built-in seamless internet connectivity functions with USB tethering. With the Smart Plug and Play function you can connect your smartphone to the TV and view its contents on a large screen.
  3. This TV is a high quality remote control that provides direct control of YouTube and Netflix by having a special button for this.
  4. The X-Protection Pro function protects the TV against dust, moisture, power fluctuations and short circuits. The cable management system makes it one of the most aesthetic TVs on the market.
Sony Bravia LED TV Infographics
Sony Bravia LED TV Infographic


  • Brand name of Sony Bravia
  • High-quality pictures with excellent sound
  • Protection against dust and electrical fluctuations


  • Priced a little bit on the higher side

40 inch smart TV

TCL 40-inches Full HD LED Smart 40S62FS

In comparison with the Samsung LED model, TCL Led TV is a budget TV. However, it comes with unique features to fully utilize the money that you invest.The A + grade panel from TCL provides clear details and vivid image quality. The True Color function offers a dynamic contrast and considerably improves the viewing experience.

With the T-Cast app you can cast the contents of your smartphone screen to the TV. With this you can also use a smartphone as a remote control. This TCL 40 inch TV supports a wide range of video and audio formats.It is also available in 32-inch and 49-inch sizes.


  1. The dynamic image enhancement function offers the right balance between contrast and brightness to guarantee authentic color reproduction. Micro dimming analyzes TV content and adjusts brightness and darkness separately.
  2. This TCL 40 inch comes with a sport mode, so you can enjoy high-quality sporting action.
  3. This TCL TV has a built-in stereo box speaker system that offers the highest quality Dolby audio. The Smart Sound function in this TCL TV automatically detects the type of program being broadcast on the TV and adjusts the volume accordingly.
  4. TCL 40 Launcher Dual Core CPU provides a smooth and fast smart experience. You have access to the TCL App Store and Netflix and YouTube for high-quality content. Screen mirroring is an excellent option on this TV.
TCL LED TV Infographics
TCL LED TV Infographic


  • Best quality pictures
  • No lag on WiFi
  • Great for watching Netflix and YouTube


  • Cannot install external apps

Samsung 40 inch smart TV 7-in-1 Full HD Smart LED TV UA40N5200ARXXL

Samsung TV comes with unique features such as Unbox 6 that improves your viewing experience to another level. It is one of the best 40-inch LED TVs that you can have at home.This smart 7-in-1 TV comes with unique functions. Turn your TV into a computer to keep the balance between pleasure and work. Convert the TV screen to a music system to enjoy a new visual experience.

The Smart Things app installs this Samsung 40 inch led TV for a pleasant viewing experience.


  1. With the Home Cloud function you can store data wirelessly on a Samsung TV.TV Samsung 40 inchhas a live cast function, which allows you to broadcast content live anywhere on your TV screen.
  2. With the Screen Mirroring function you can view the contents of your smartphone on a large TV screen. With the Content Guide you can easily search for channels to save time.
  3. HDR ensures that you get the best color quality with accurate details in clear and dark scenes. The ultra-clean function improves the overall quality of images.
  4. This TV offers micro dimming to make your photos clear. Sharing content is possible with your smart device.
Samsung LED TV Infographics
Samsung LED TV Infographic


  • Excellent features
  • Advanced technology available at an excellent price
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Use the TV as a PC


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

43 inch smart TV

Mi LED Smart TV 4A PRO 43-Inch Full HD Smart LED TV

True to its reputation, this 43-inch LED TV is one of the least expensive LED TVs available in India. This TV model comes with a 49-inch version.Although cheap, the Mi LED TV shows strong qualities such as Android Patchwall OS to deliver a revolutionary experience. This allows you to view content from the internet for over 700,000 hours.

The TV also comes with a universal remote control for connection to all devices and offers 360-degree control. Six connectivity options include three HDMI and three USB ports. This way you can easily connect your soundbar, music system and other devices.


  1. This TV comes with full HD resolution as opposed to the 32-inch model, which has an HD-ready resolution. That is why you get a detailed image with excellent brightness and improved brightness levels.
  2. The built-in Google Assistant turns out to be an excellent companion because it helps you play content, get answers and connect to other smart devices. This TV comes with a 64-bit quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage. Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi connectivity make the Mi LED TV one after the other.
  3. Android-based Oreo OS is a secure one that offers access to a wide range of apps. Chromecast and Play Store are excellent features on smart TVs.


  • Price is an attraction
  • Full HD display with excellent pictures
  • Good connectivity options including Bluetooth


  • Sound system needs improvement
  • Not ideal for playing loud music

Sanyo 43-inches Full HD IPS LED TV-XT43S7300F

Sanyo brings the best of Japanese technology to watching TV. People from the past still remember the performance of BPL-Sanyo TV. This LED TV has the exciting features to be classified as one of the best 43-inch LED TVs in India.

Unlike smaller sized HD Ready TV units, 43-inch TVs come with FHD resolution for a high-quality viewing experience. With IPS technology you can enjoy accurate color reproduction and beautiful image quality.

The point reduction technology from Sanyo reduces image noise and increases brightness. This TV performs two dozen strict quality controls before it enters your room.


  1. Wide viewing angles contribute to the excitement. The premium slim design makes the Sanyo LED TV one of the best additions to your living room environment.
  2. This TV comes with box speaker for crystal clear sound and an improved bass experience. The presence of a 3.5 mm audio output ensures that you can connect your headphones and have a great time.
  3. This TV comes with two HDMI and two USB ports and offers sufficient connection options. With the refresh rate of 60 Hz you can easily view fast and action-packed scenes.


  • One of the best-looking LED TVs
  • Superb picture quality
  • Energy-efficient TV


  • Sound quality is satisfactory
  • Not a smart TV

Best 49 to 55 inches Smart TV

Sony Bravia 49-inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV KD – 49X7002G

The Sony Bravia TV is the best when it comes to determining the three Cs, color, brightness and contrast. This X7002G series is one of the best 49-inch smart TVs in India.

It comes with a range of excellent features such as 4K HDR and Triluminos display to get the best out of every photo. The 4K X-Reality Pro function enhances every pixel using 4K image processing technology for an excellent image experience.

Other exciting functions include screen mirroring, super multi-format USB play and Motionflow XR. The X-Protection Pro function protects the RV against dust and power fluctuations.


  1. The positive aspect of Sony Bravia TV is that it is equipped with an excellent audio system. Bass reflex speakers and clear audio + technology together create a theater-like atmosphere in your living room.
  2. This Sony Bravia TV comes with a built-in Wi-Fi compatibility feature that gives it access to your home network.
  3. This TV has a USB tethering function that can access the internet via your smartphone.
  4. Another exciting aspect of this Sony Bravia TV is access to the YouTube and Netflix remote controls with one button. The best entertainment is therefore just a tap away.


  • Picture quality and sound of the highest order
  • Wi-Fi and other connectivity features
  • Access to full-time entertainment


  • Upgrades are always an issue with Sony

LG 55-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD

With this 55-inch smart TV from LG you can enjoy four times the resolution of a full HD screen. The 4K IPS screen allows you to experience more realistic 4K content with very small details and vibrant colors.Thanks to the IPS screen, everyone in the room can watch TV because it has a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees. The 4K Active HDR function brings photos to life by distinguishing between the darkest blacks and the simplest blondes.

The Home Dashboard makes connectivity with all your smart devices possible via one screen. You can enjoy your movies privately by connecting your Bluetooth earphones.Alternatively, it is also possible to seamlessly connect your soundbar to enjoy your favorite music and TV shows. Google Assistant and Alexa are available to help you when you call them.


  1. The DTS Virtual X Sound feature comes with Dolby Audio to deliver multidimensional sound to create a cinematic atmosphere in your home.
  2. This TV has a quad-core processor to eliminate image noise and increase the image quality with large leaps. You can expect the highest brightness and color accuracy on this smart LG TV.
  3. LG Smart TV works on Web OS to provide quality entertainment by accessing thousands of apps on the internet. Access to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Hot Star takes your pleasure to another level.
  4. You can also connect your Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads to this TV via Airplay 2.


  • A smart TV of the highest order
  • Best quality of images with vibrant colours
  • Excellent sound
  • Great connectivity


  • No magic remote for controlling all your devices

Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2 cm Full HD Android TV

This Mi LED TV 4A Pro is one of the best LED TVs in the 49-inch category. This budget TV is also available in 43-inch mode.Mi LED TV 4A Pro is a smart TV that works on Android PatchWall OS. It therefore has user-friendly functions. Full HD and HDR screens provide cinema-quality images and sound.

This Mi TV has a 64-bit quad-core processor with 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage. It comes with multiple connection ports to connect to your music system, soundbar, set-top box and smartphone. In addition, this TV is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 and connects to the internet via your home Wi-Fi.


  1. HDR compatibility enables a high level of delivery with exceptional details, vivid colors and improved brightness.
  2. This TV comes with a DTS-HD stereo speaker in addition to the excellent image quality. This certainly ensures a livelier and more intense audio experience.
  3. The Mi remote control now has a special voice search option that allows you to quickly go to the right page. The best aspect of the Mi TV remote control is that it comes with 360-degree free operation.


  • Budget TV in the 49-inches segment
  • Picture quality is good, and so is the sound
  • Robust processor


  • The picture quality is affected in the presence of Sunlight.

OnePlus TV 55 Q1Pro – Smart TV with unmistakable clarity

A good TV ensures crystal clear photos and high quality sound. Today you are looking for features such as smart TV, WiFi connectivity and other advanced functions. The OnePlus TV 55 Q1 series offers all these functions and is very high on its two models Q1 and Q1 Pro.

The OnePlus Q1 series is equipped with Android Pie for Android TV. In addition to the standard features that you often see on Android TVs, the Q1 series comes with features such as Oxygen Plus, a custom user interface.

It is a one-stop shop but has app content such as Hungama Play, Eroso and Zee5. From now on it does not broadcast to Netflix, but users can always use the Amazon Fire TV Stick to access Netflix and other channels.

The Q1 series is available in two variants, Q1 and Q1 Pro. In terms of functions, there is little to distinguish one from the other. The only noticeable difference is that the Q1 Pro version comes with a movable soundbar. The sound output of both TVs is the same at 50W.

The Q1 Pro comes with various preset modes such as Standard, User, Clarity and Surround to ensure that you get impressive audio performance.


  1. This TV is excellent for gaming enthusiasts, as it is powered by Mali G51 GPU. With this you can play games such as Hungry Shark, Crossroads and so on.
  2. The highlight of this TV is the brightness offered by the QLED backlit VA panel. This TV can produce an unprecedented color range. It comes with various modes such as standard image mode, vivid, image, sports, film and cinema.
  3. The magical game processor on the TV makes this TV different from its colleagues.


  • High-quality sound output
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • QLED backlighting, much superior to the regular LED backlighting seen on other TVs
  • User-friendly User interface
  • Supports HDR10,Dolby vision, HDR10+,HLG decode


  • Does not beam Netflix


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