Hello User, I hope you are searching for a Brand New Inverter Battery to feel relaxed in hot Summer Season. In this Blog you will find the Best Inverter Batteries to buy from Amazon in 2020.

Best Inverter Batteries in India 2020:

  1. Luminous RC 18000i 150AH Tubular Battery
  2. Luminous Extra Charge EC18036 150AH Tall Tubular Battery
  3. Exide 12V 26AH PowerSafe Sealed UPS Solar Battery
  4. Exide Insta Brite Inverter Battery
  5. Amaron Inverter 150AH Tall Tubular Battery
  6. Amaron 165 AH Battery
  7. V-Guard VT160 150AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery
  8. Genus Inverter Battery
  9. Luminous Solar Tall Tubular Battery
  10. Exide Inverter Battery 100AH

Luminous RC 18000i 150AH Tubular Battery

Luminous is the iconic brand name in the Indian market when it comes to the best inverter battery in India. This luminous inverter is designed to provide long lasting power in those tough power cut hours for Indian homes. Even in cases of high voltage, the main body of the RC 18000 luminous battery is protected from corrosion. With a better balanced plate design, luminous inverter battery can withstand voltage fluctuations and protect against water and electrolyte losses. The Luminous RC 18000 is a long tubular battery that charges faster and faster. Luminous 150 ah battery airy grain structure ensures high quality performance at all times.

 Luminous RC Infographics
Luminous RC Infographic


  • Luminous 150ah operates with a capacity of 150 Ah.
  • Red charge – RC 18000 comes with a VA rating of 600 VA – 10 VA.
  • Red charge RC 18000 operating voltage is 12V.
  • Luminous RC 18000 i 150ah tubular battery has unique patented alloy structure.
  • It has a uniform and zero free grain structure.
  • It has a puncture-resistor Dramatic-USA separator that minimizes the possibility of short circuits.
  • This has improved a balanced plate design.
  • Shiny offers a 36-month warranty on the product.
  • Inverter battery luminous 150 ah has a life of 1250 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.
  • It is shockproof and leak proof.
  • Luminous RC 18000 battery charges rapidly.
  • Luminous inverter battery RC 18000 lasts for a long time.
  • Luminous 150 RC 18000 ah battery is durable and heat resistant.


  • The battery size is large.

Luminous Extra Charge EC18036 150AH Tall Tubular Battery

Tubular batteries are designed to have a life cycle that will often be efficient for communities with power interruptions and outages. Luminous EC 18036 is designed for a long lifespan that can reach 1250 cycles. The luminous battery EC 18036 inverter has 600VA with a 36-month warranty.

Luminous Extra Charge Infographics
Luminous Extra Charge Infographic


  • Resistance and charge acceptance are protected by inter-partition connections
  • The body of EC 18036 luminous battery is protected for high voltage examples
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Luminous battery extra charge EC 18036 is a balanced plate design to improve charging


  • Leakage is possible and there is a risk of acid overflow
  • Not cheap

Exide 12V 26AH PowerSafe Sealed UPS Solar Battery

Exide Company provides another inverter battery with a great power supply. Exide battery 12v 26ah requires a 12V battery and the product weighs around 9 kg. Exide 12v 26ah battery can be applied to many different factors, such as UPS, power packs, solar, lab equipment as well as spray machines.

 Exide 12V Inverter Battery Infographics
Exide 12V Inverter Battery Infographic


  • Exide inverter battery is affordable and value for money
  • Exide inverter is in Lightweight.
  • Exide tubular battery Multi applications.


  • Manufacturer warranty applies to UPS only

Exide Insta Brite Inverter Battery

Exide Insta Brite is one of the leading manufacturers of inverters in India. Exide Instabrite ib1000 has an advanced hybrid technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures. Exide Insta Brite battery also has a hybrid alloy system that minimizes water loss and has a dual plate separation Exide Insta battery reduces the possibility of premature failure.

Exide Industries 150 Ah Infographics
Exide Industries 150 Ah Infographics


  • Exide insta brite ib1000 can be easily maintained with the help of float guides that helps indicate electrolyte level
  • Exide Insta Brite 1000 uses a sloped handle for easy handling.
  • Use of top veined lids with anti-splash guards.
  • Fume and leak-resistant with a clean top of no leakage surfaces.
  • Exide Insta 1000 is also very easy to move inside your homes
  • It provides 36 months warranty!


  • Not cheap
  • Some reports stated that the inverter was failing in less than a month, so the warranty would have to be used.

Amaron Inverter 150AH Tall Tubular Battery

The Amron inverter 150Ah long tubular battery is compatible with any inverter brand available in the market. Amaron inverter battery uses heat-resistant calcium and hybrid alloys for its grid, making Amaron inverter battery 150ah low-maintenance.


  • The factory is charged and has the highest reserve capacity
  • Easy and fast charging
  • Low lead is reserved
  • Inverter maintenance is less required
  • High heat tolerance capability is perfect for Indian climate


  • The new model should be purchased as the old one includes a water level to be checked regularly.

Amaron 165 AH Battery

Amaron inverter for home provides easy charging facility with highest reserve capacity for continuous supply. Amaron 165ah battery is a maintenance-free long tubular battery requiring zero-maintenance costs. Amaron 165 ah tubular battery comes with all the latest technologies to make it worth your investment. Amaron 165ah tall tubular battery is suitable for running 2 LED lights or standard lights, three fans simultaneously. Amaron 165 ah tall tubular battery has a super vent design for spill protection. It is made of metal and plastic to protect it from corrosion. This Amaron 165 ah tall tubular battery aam-tt-cr00165tt can be operated from all types of inverter. Amaron 165 ah inverter battery is durable and has a grid of high heat resistant calcium. The factory that is charged has the highest reserve capacity.


  • It comes with a capacity of 165 Ah.
  • It consumes 24 volts to work.
  • It comes with 48 months warranty.
  • This battery comes with pressurized spine casting.
  • It provides a good warranty.
  • It provides fast charging.
  • It is rust-proof and has a pan-optic spine.
  • This reduces the risk of water scarcity.


  • It has less lead reserve.

V-Guard VT160 150AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

The V-Guard battery is known for its high level of performance and consistently positive feedback from consumers and users. V Guard inverter battery is designed to provide increased power and efficiency while maximizing their lifespan.

V Guard ups battery requires 21 liters of acid. After a full charge, the electrolyte’s gravity in the battery becomes 1.245 0.005 SP. Gr. Lt / cell. The V Guard VT 160 is one of the best inverter batteries in India 2020 at an affordable price. V Guard Inverter Battery VT 160 long-hour battery backup will let you sleep peacefully in power-cut situations throughout the night.


  • V Guard VT 160 battery comes with a capacity of 150mAh.
  • V Guard Battery VT160 is reliable in a region with deep cyclic application and high power shortages.
  • V Guard VT 160 comes with a standard warranty of 30 months.
  • The full weight of the batteries is 54 kg, and the gross weight is 56 kg.
  • It comes with high pressurized positive spine.


  • Not very popular in cities.

Genus Inverter Battery

This brand is not so popular in India, but it is the best for making durable inverter batteries. Genus Battery Inverter makes the best inverter battery for home or shop or office the best inverter battery. This brand Genus inverter and battery assures you of the best quality and warranty of the .


  • 150 Ah long-term battery best suited for inverter
  • Comes with 48 months warranty
  • Suitable for long and continuous power cuts
  • Suitable for both general as well as solar applications
  • Reliable and efficient and works with any type of inverter you wish to purchase.


  •  It is heavy in weight.

Luminous Solar Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous LPTT12150H is the best choice for lightning protection. This solar tall tubular battery is an excellent choice for areas with large numbers of power cuts. Luminous solar battery tubular plate construction allows stronger performance than inverter batteries and longer life. Its capacity is 150 Ah. It has a highly puncture-resistant polyethylene separator that cools the inverter after long use. Luminous solar LPTT 12150h has a minimum life expectancy of 1200 cycles with 80% discharge. When it is fully charged, it stores 1800 watts of power. Luminous solar battery LPTT 12150h supports inverter range from 900 VA – 10 VA. Luminous LPTT12150h offers a full replacement warranty of 60 months. It has tubular plate construction.


  • It is energy efficient
  • It fits in almost all types of inverters.
  • It is a low-maintenance battery topping the frequency once in 8 to 10 months.


  • It requires more maintenance.

Exide Inverter Battery 100AH

Exide inverter batteries use a hybrid alloy system to withstand changing weather conditions in India. To make it more powerful, Exide inverter battery 100ah is equipped with ribbed free polyethylene layered with a textured glass mat. Exide inverter plus 100ah battery has a magic eye feature which will tell you about the battery charge. It takes about 5-7 hours to fully charge the battery. Additionally, Exide 100 ah inverter battery has an anti-fume vent design, leakage free surface and micro-porus filter disc. Exide 100ah inverter battery also has a temporary guide to indicate electrolyte levels and guide you in case of water requirement. You will not have to face any kind of surface leakage or fume issue; the top will always be clean and clean. Exide battery for inverter 100ah also has a side ventilation design with fitted micro porous filter discs to avoid overheating the battery. Overall, Exide tubular battery is a decently inverted price with standard features and performance.


  • Hybrid alloy system
  • Float guideline
  • Bolted type terminal
  • Textured along with ribbed free polyethylene pocket type separator
  • Low maintenance
  • Rust free
  • No leakage or fume issue


  • Cannot work overnight for power cut.



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