Top 10 Best Dashcam in India 2019

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Dashcams give you genuine peace of mind when you’re out on the town driving. No one can tell when you’ll require film from your windshield – however, you’ll be happy to have it on the off chance that you do finding the best dash cam in 2019 may seem overwhelming. There is no shortage of models, both from well-known brands, and from small firms producing competitors at very sharp prices, and, even more confusing, many companies produce more than one model. Not surprisingly, some of us gave up and resorted to using GoPro on the dashboard.

But as soon as you do a little research and find the best video recorder for yourself, this can become one of the most important elements of your technology that will be useful to you in case of an accident or if something really amazing happens on the road, it will help you to become famous on YouTube.

We looked at some of the best DVRs to capture the best DVRs for 2019. It is important to note that DVRs are much more than GoPros installed on the dashboard of your car; These are ready-to-use cameras that perform some important functions and can even help you save time and money, which is better spent on returning to your car. Regardless of whether they are used to provide evidence to your insurance company or to help you avoid a Cash Crash payment, DVRs provide some peace of mind wherever you go.

Best dash cam: what to look for

As a rule, the best dash cam has similar technology and for the most part, is mounted somewhere along the front windshield or windshield of a car. Of course, no matter where you are, the camera should not block the view of the road. The appearance of cameras facing back (or complete kits that contain both the front and the back) requires a bit of additional installation, as they often include cables running from front to back. Expect some difficult work with the car headliner to properly install them.

Dash cameras record smaller fragments of footage, usually in increments of one to two minutes at a time. Cameras continuously record the oldest clip to prevent the overflow of the memory card. While older models usually required the user to manually save or mark the corresponding clip in the event of an accident, the new G-Sensor-based incident detection technology prevailed and now takes care of it automatically.

There are also dash cameras that have additional features, like any other technology, that translates into a higher asking price. These additional features can include multiple lenses for front and rear coverage, as well as a more accurate sensor for better video quality. Some cameras only record 720p HD footage, for example, while many others now offer Full HD (1080p) and 4K. Night vision and built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can also be included for easy file transfer.

The high popularity of voice control has also led to access to the modest humility camera, so expect Alexa and other technology to integrate sound into the top of the range. Many parking modes are also possibilities. This uses the Interval feature as a control function to capture the details of those annoying parking spam when you’re out running errands. Whenever we get a new camera review, we will update this list with the best we have tested. Keep reading to see which ranks among the best dash cameras 2019!

TOP 10 Best Dashcams in India

1. Nextbase 522GW

 Nextbase 522GW  dashcam
Nextbase 522GW

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • Reasonably priced
  • Footage isn’t class-leading
  • No SD card included

Nextbase has always been a name associated with high-quality dash cameras, and the latest series of Series 2 is arguably the best yet. The higher-spec 522GW works very well, thanks to its 1440p resolution and wide-angle lens, but Nextbase 522gw dash cam also throws a lot of extra features.

Nextbase 522gw series 2  is a 3-inch touch screen on the back, plus the option to use the built-in Alexa function. At the moment Nextbase 522gw users can ask Alexa to play music, making calls, and listen to audiobooks from connected devices, but Nextbase will soon be able to use Dash Cam Skill to come to command “start recording”, “stop recording”, “protect” recording, and “Send to my phone”.

It all sounds like a gimmick, and to be honest, we didn’t use it much, so, fortunately, the rest of the UX is quite simple. Videos can be shared quickly and easily on a smart device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Nextbase 522gw dashcam, while an intelligent SOS emergency system will alert emergency services to your location and other details if it proves unresponsive after an accident.

2. Garmin Dash Cam 66W

 Garmin Dash Cam 66W 1440p
Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 180 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

  • Compact design
  • Lots of extra features
  • Some lens distortion
  • Voice control isn’t great

Garmin have often evaluated Garmin dash cam offerings for ease of use, and what’s new at the party is a concise set of nice and unclear dash cameras, which you install on your UI’s great action camera but boasts many of the features that make it a valuable open-road assistant.This most expensive and newest 66W unit is the one we should see in our eyes, simply because the inclusion of a 180 degree wide-angle lens makes it perfect for capturing everything that is going on in the future – although there is some distortion at the very edge of the frame.

There are very few dash cameras that do not record and save shots automatically when a built-in G sensor detects an accident, which is exactly what Garmin has applied here as well. Garmin dash cam users can operate the 66W using voice commands, such as “OK, Garmin, Save Video” and “Take a Photo”, but we found this clunky system when it is out on the bustling highway. Significantly excellent shots and performance in low light situations is very good but Garmin dash cam 66w arguably the greatest attraction is the sleek and uncluttered package. They are small, unclear and do not cost the land.

3. Nextbase Duo HD

Nextbase Duo HD dashcam
Nextbase Duo HD

Video quality: 1080p (HD) | Viewing angle: 140 degrees (front) | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (not included)

  • GPS functionality
  • Two cameras in one
  • Bulky unit
  • Rear-view footage is adequate

This Nextbase dual camera has proven popular over the years, because Nextbase duo dash cam provides front and rear coverage in one (albeit huge) unit, rather than running ugly wires in a separate unit in the rear windshield. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) allows you to record low light and night, while the 2 ”clear display makes it easy to interact with menus and change settings before you leave. Resolution is improved in this upgraded model, now being recorded in 1080p HD, instead of the old 720p. Fortunately, the unit still intelligently combines the front and back images together into one handy film side by side to facilitate review.

Nextbase Duo features a loop recording function, which will automatically delete old files as required. But nextbase duo HD will also automatically detect and collide and save important clips on the onboard microSD card, which you’ll have to provide. Nextbase dash cam duo also has a built-in GPS module, which allows you to record the exact track, speed and position of the vehicle, while the date and time stamp included in the recorded footage provides additional evidence.

Previously, users had to use desktop software to save clips, but Nextbase added a simple Wi-Fi connection, which means it can now be downloaded directly to a smartphone via an app.

4. Thinkware TW-F770

 Thinkware TW-F770 dashcam
Thinkware TW-F770

Video quality: 1080p (Full HD) | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included) and internal memory

  • Crystal-clear footage
  • Great night mode
  • No rear camera
  • Buttons are a bit fiddly

Thanks to the impressive 2.19-megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS sensor and Full HD recording, the TW-F770 has video footage that is a star attraction – though a handful of extra boom offers an added bonus. The TW-F770 is designed to be installed under the rearview mirror, just a few small buttons and without an external display. Reason? Thinkware TW-F770 can be connected to a Smartphone via onboard Wi-Fi.

Thinkware dashcam allows you to quickly and easily send clips to a smart device if you need to access them quickly, but add an extra step to any menu settings and changes. Thinkware F770 Super Night Vision improves low-light settings to improve image quality at night, while the stylish Time Lapse feature acts as a CCTV camera when parking the vehicle. Keep in mind that this mode will require connecting wires to the unit in the vehicle’s power supply, as with most cameras on this list, rather than using a standard lighter 12-volt adapter. The on-board GPS tracker, along with speed and upcoming red traffic light warnings, makes a great combination.

5. BlackVue DR900S-2CH

BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam
BlackVue DR900S-2CH

Video quality: 4K Ultra-HD | Viewing angle: 162 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card included

  • Superb image quality
  • Beautifully designed unit
  • It’s really expensive
  • Difficult to install

Those who make high mileage on a regular basis, united by all conditions and road types, are likely to want to separate with little extra for their camera. Blackvue is not suggesting that the camera needs to boast a lot of awesome tools and unnecessary technology, but spending a bit more means improving the image quality. Blackvue dr900s-2ch dash cam is very useful in the event of an accident, especially in an operating and sorting scenario, were reading the number pad from a distance and identifying any distinctive features can be the difference between catching the culprit and the result with a large lock demanding. This BlackVue package is located at the highest level of the premium spectrum of the dashcam and includes front and rear cameras, both of which capture HD action.

It may look like an incredibly steep £ 500 for a dash camera, but Blackvue dr900s 2ch is the only camera with an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor in the front and a high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor in the rear camera. As a result, the footage is undoubtedly the best on the market, day and night. The 162-degree field of view feels perfectly perfect for your task and eliminates shots from that vulgar image of some of the larger-angle cameras.

Paranoid owners can also take advantage of BlackVue’s advanced intelligent parking mode, which essentially records when the car is turned off. This is possible thanks to the Power Magic Pro, which is plugged into the car’s battery and ensures that the driving camera does not exhaust reserves when recording overnight. You can also expect all the obvious features, including the built-in GPS, accident detection and the ability to send clips to the detailed BlackVue Smartphone app via the onboard Wi-Fi. Alternatively, users can make the most of BlackVue’s cloud storage offerings or remote check-in in a parked vehicle (via app) and watch real-time footage from the camera.

6. Garmin Drive Assist 51 LMT-S

 Garmin Drive Assist 51 LMT-S dashcam
Garmin Drive Assist 51 LMT-S

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 162 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card included

  • Superb image quality
  • Beautifully designed unit
  • It’s really expensive
  • Difficult to install

Here’s an idea: Take a top-tier GPS device and add a camera to it. That’s just what Garmin did with the Garmin Drive Assist 51 LMT-S. It looks like a regular Garmin GPS device, and features a big 5-inch touch screen, voice activation, Bluetooth for hands-free calling, driver alerts, parking information and on and on—and it’s a dashcam as well. The camera records in one-minute intervals and includes crash detection. And when it’s time to playback the video, the big screen rivals many smartphones. It can even overlay the video over the directions, giving you a better idea of where to turn or what exit to take.

7. Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam

 Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam 1080p
Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam

Video quality: 1080p| Viewing angle: 162 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory:

  • Dual camera option
  • Good day and nighttime video college
  • Tricky to set up
  • Expensive

You can capture footage with a resolution up to 1080p. Thanks to the clarity offered by this camera you can see a number of details, including license plates. To top this off, you also can take pictures up to 12 megapixels. So, when it comes to quality, you really are spoilt for choice.

If you are someone who tends to forget to turn their camera on and off, then this is a great model for you. See, it comes on automatically whenever the ignition comes and then goes off when the ignition is turned off. As for the loop video, the camera records the footage seamlessly, ensuring that there are no gaps. Also, when the SD card is full, the older recordings get recorded over.

8. Garmin Dash Cam Mini

 Garmin Dash Cam Mini 140 degree
Garmin Dash Cam Mini

A new member of the Garmin Dash Cam family, the Mini records 1080 Full HD video through a 140-degree lens, and measures just 3.1 x 5.3 x 2.9cm – roughly the size of a small car key. Truly a set-it-and-forget-it device, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini is designed to tuck neatly and subtly behind your rearview mirror, and once either plugged into the lighter socket or hardwired to the car’s fuse box, will boot up when you turn the ignition and record when it detects a collision. If hardwired it will also remain alert while parked, then record if someone drives into your vehicle. There’s no display (so no distraction for the driver) and no internal battery, but the compact size and simplicity more than makeup for this. A Wi-Fi connection to the Garmin Drive phone app makes it easy to download saved footage from the camera when you need it.

9. Motorola MDC150

Motorola MDC150 dashcam
Motorola MDC150

Video quality: 1080p | Viewing angle: 150 degrees | Integrated GPS: No | Display: 2.0-inches LCD

  • Compact design
  • Low price
  • No memory card included
  • Bulky suction mount

This dashcam from Motorola undercuts most of its rivals, yet still offers 1080p Full HD video recording, a 2.0-inch display, compact design, and night vision. No memory card is included, which is a shame, but these are relatively inexpensive and dash cams do not require particularly large-capacity cards, due to recording footage on a loop. On the upside, the Motorola MDC150 costs just under £50, yet has an attractive and subtle design that shouldn’t attract too much attention to itself. The camera constantly records on a loop, then saves a block of footage when its G sensor detects a collision. There’s also a night vision function, and the lens offers a decent viewing angle of 150 degrees. Our only real criticism is the windscreen suction mount, which is larger than the magnetic mounts used by rivals like Garmin.

10. Orskey Dash Cam

 Orskey DashCam 1080p
Orskey Dash Cam

Video quality: 1080p | Integrated GPS: No | Screen: 3.0-inch LCD

  • Wide 170-degree lens
  • Very low price
  • No internal storage
  • Only 30 frames per second

This dashcam is a solid option for those on a budget. Despite the low price, you get a reasonably compact camera with a Full HD image sensor and night vision. The camera uses a suction cup for attaching to your windscreen, which means no need to fit a more permanent sticky-backed magnet. The camera has a G-sensor for automatically saving footage from just before and after a collision, and an HDMI port makes for easy video playback. Downsides are that the video footage is capped at 30 frames per second (many other dash cams record at 60fps), and there is no internal storage. On a related note, it only accepts SD cards of up to 32GB, which isn’t a huge amount.