Best washing machine in India 2020

Front loading washing machine in india
Washing Machine in india

The washing machine is an important household requirement. Whether it’s about removing that little ink stain that has fallen over the new T-shirt or about the large comforter that gets stains/dust for long-term use, you need a washing machine to clean them all. Although the emerging concept of washing machines began in the eighteenth century, there has been a constant upgrade of the design and functionality of washing machines. Modern washing machines, especially the recently released models in 2017, are armed with useful functions and functionalities. From semi-automatic to fully automatic, from top loaders to front loaders, the washing machine technology has been gradually improved. The latest range of washing machines is therefore not only suitable for cleaning clothing, sheets for stubborn stains, but also smart enough to keep them fresh and soft after washing.

Major washing machine technologies

Double your load with TwinWash and Flexwash

Although when you choose a fully automatic washing machine, you can get confused between a front loader and a top loader. But Samsung has succeeded in devising a groundbreaking hybrid design and taking the best of two in one washing machine: FlexWash.

Flex was is perhaps the most revolutionary washing machine design. This hybrid design offers the flexibility to load both types in the same machine. It has a main front-loading machine with a gigantic capacity of 21 kg, further supplemented with a miniature top loader with a compact capacity of 3.5 kg. For example, the front loader of this machine can be used to wash heavy laundry items such as blankets, curtains. While the top loader can be used for light loads such as socks, lingerie, handkerchiefs, etc.

LG also has a similar concept of “double taxation” in its latest range – TwinWash. TwinWash offers two separate barrels for washing. There is one main wash drum that is then complimented with a mini version of it that is placed under the main drum. The main drum has a gigantic capacity of 20 kg, usually used for cleaning heavily soiled clothing. While the mini part underneath is designed for delicate washing such as inner clothing, scarf, handkerchiefs, etc.

Clean with bubbles with Washing Machine and O2 wash

Companies such as Samsung and IFB have developed the technology to utilize the power of bubbles for fine cleaning without damaging the fabric. Samsung washing machine uses EcoBubble technology to unlock the power of bubbles for effective cleaning. That also at lower temperatures. Realizing that the Indian household mostly uses cold water for washing purposes, Samsung has brought this technology to help achieve powerful washes, even with cold water. The main principle of this technology is that it converts the detergent particles into bubbles that are blown around the clothing and penetrate into the fabric to easily remove stubborn dirt.

Similarly, IFB uses something like O2 wax, where the washing machine generates millions of air bubbles that penetrate deep into the fabric, in an effort to remove stubborn dirt.

6 Motion DD and WaveMotion to achieve a range of cleaning styles

Washing machine manufacturers have investigated various washing movements and have developed technologies to best use this movement according to the required fabric.

Dual Front loading washing machine
Front Loading Washing Machine

The 6 Motion DD technology from LG is such a technology that offers an optimized motion combination for every type of fabric. The premium models from LG have 6-Motion technology that can replicate 6 different wash cycles:

  • Tumble
  • Stepping
  • scrub
  • Swingset
  • rolling
  • Filtration


Whirlpool uses SoftMove technology in the latest range of front loaders. SoftMove cleverly detects load in the drum. Subsequently, action is taken with the help of adaptive programs and drum movements that mitigate the individual need based on the dust type. Here is the shortlist of different motion wash that is designed for different types of fabrics:

  • Energetic wash
  • Soft cradle
  • Powerful shower
  • Slow-motion

Just like LG and Whirlpool, IFB has also developed its newer washing machines with different washing styles. The latest IFB front loaders offer a wide range of washing styles, such as:

  • Bubbles Washing
  • 360 ° washing
  • Cradle Wash
  • O2 Washing
  • Steam wash
  • Improved drum technology

Manufacturers strive hard to design a drum that protects the soft wax with every spin of the drum.

front load washing machine
Single washing machine


Samsung has worked in this direction for its latest top-loaders with Diamond Drum. Holes in these rings are approximately 25% smaller. There are also holes deep in each diamond-shaped floor to prevent the clothing from sticking out under the drum and consequently being damaged. Embossed washboard is also accompanied in such rings to minimize the textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing. The small water outlet openings prevent clothing from getting stuck and thus protect the life of the fabric.

The new Bosch models come with VarioDrum technology. What this technology does is while the drum rotates in one direction, the flat side of the attached paddle cleans the loaded clothing; and then when it turns on the other side, the steep side of the paddle provides a thorough cleaning using the wave drop design.

On the same line as VarioDrum, the Siemens washing machine uses waveDrum to clean the laundry with the utmost care. Just like VarioDrum, they also have a wave pattern design with flat and steep sides for a complimentary wash.

SuperSoak and BubbleSoak clean to soak it better

a woman trying to clean her clothes in washing machine
Newest washing machine technologies in India

Whirlpool and Samsung have developed specialized technology for soaking the laundry. BubbleSoak technology from Samsung helps remove dirty deposits by thoroughly soaking clothes in bubbles with just the push of a button. This technique does not get too hard on the fabric, because bubbles are naturally soft and do not damage the fabric. Similarly, Whirlpool’s SuperSoak technology ensures the removal of tough stains and dirt by activating incessant soaking and washing movements.

Washing machine with built-in heating

New and premium washing machines are nowadays usually equipped with heaters and automatic temperature control using connected sensors.

Premium front loaders from Samsung are equipped with ceramic heaters that prevent the persistent calcium compound from accumulating. Ceramic heaters are effective against calcium build-up, thanks to the rapid heating capacity. This is not only resistant to the build-up of calcium, but also lowers energy consumption.

Whirlpool currently has the merit of being the only manufacturer that also supplies heating for top-loaders on the Indian market. The built-in heating can heat water up to 60 ° C. They ensure the removal of stubborn stains.

Silent washers with VRT + and anti-vibration technology

Anti vibration technology washing machine
Anti vibration technology washing machine

Humming and vibrating are the problems that consumers usually face when using a washing machine. That is why manufacturers are working hard in this area to control vibrations, keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Samsung’s efforts in this area are being implemented with the introduction of VRT + technology in the latest line-up, therefore, VRT + stands for Vibration Reduction Technology Plus, an improved version of VRT technology. VRT + technology is very useful for sound-sensitive light sleepers. VRT + technology tries to keep the noise level at the lowest level and to keep the balance of the washing machine stable.

Bosch washing machines are designed with AntiVibration technology to reduce vibrations during the spin cycle. It counteracts the vibrations by using high-tech sensors. These sensors maintain the load balance by constantly adjusting the drum movement.

Fight the hard problem of hard water

The problem with hard water is common in various places in India. Noida is one of the major cities that faces this problem. In addition to the bad health effects that hard water causes, it is also dangerous for the washing machine. It becomes difficult to dissolve the detergent in hard water when used in the washing machine. White layers of residues also collect around the drum and the supply line, eventually causing them to suffocate. To meet this hard water challenge, manufacturers such as IFB, Whirlpool, and Maytag have devised hard water treatment technology in their newer models.

The latest generation of IFB washers is equipped with Aqua Energy technology to convert hard water into soft water. Models equipped with this technology have a built-in Aqua filter that breaks down the bicarbonates in hard water into fine crystals. Because of the very small size of these generated crystals, they are easily removed in addition to the water stream. In this way, it reduces the risk that lime accumulates on critical machine parts and then suffocates.


To meet hard water challenges, Whirlpool has the Hard Water option for its new semi-automatic machine series such as Ace. This unique hard water washing option helps to achieve better dirt cleaning when the water supply is hard.

Similarly, the new series or front loaders from Maytag can adjust the performance to the hardness of water. This improves the cleaning performance for people with problems with hard water.

Automatic dispenser to solve dilemma or correct amount of detergent

Choosing the right amount of detergent for the wash is always a difficult decision. If too much or detergent is used now, this will not only complete the supply of detergent more quickly but also increase water intake. And now if too little detergent is used, this would cause its own complications.

In addition to lowering washing performance, the amount of detergent can cause discoloration and lead to an unpleasant odor. To counter this predicament or decide on the correct intake of detergent, consumer electronics manufacturers such as Whirlpool and Bosch have supplied an option or car detergent in their high-quality washing machines.

A new type of Whirlpool front loader is equipped with Auto Detergent Dosage. When enabled, this technology has smartly determined the optimum amount of detergent based on the amount of load and the degree of soiling in clothing.

Just like Whirlpool, Bosch premium washing machines use iDOS technology in its Series 6 and 8 washing machines. Based on the hardness of water and the amount of contamination in the clothing, iDOS cleverly determines the optimum amount of detergent for the spotless wash.

Digital inverter and direct drive to increase efficiency

Digital inverter and direct drive to increase efficiency
Digital inverter and direct drive to increase efficiency

The R&D department of the washing producer strives hard to improve the design and thus the efficiency of a washing machine.

Ordinary washing machine has a fixed speed motor that achieves peak efficiency only with full load. What happens with this inverter technology is that the motor in the rings can detect the amount of charge. The engine operates at the optimum speed based on the amount of load. In short, with this technology motors can run at variable speed.

High-quality front loaders from Samsung come with Digital Inverter technology. Here the speed of the motor is adjusted to the load. Brushless digital inverter motor used in these Samsung washing machines works much cooler. Samsung also offers a 10-year warranty on these engines.


Another hardware design that is common in washing machines is the use of numerous moving parts such as gears and belts in addition to the engine. This arrangement is inefficient because a considerable amount of energy is lost in the form of friction in this running accelerator. To overcome these inefficiencies, manufacturers have introduced the concept of Direct Drive technology. With Direct Drive Technology, the motor is attached directly to the drum without the use of mechanical moving parts such as belt pulley and belt. As a result of a shortened series of mechanical parts that dissipate less energy, thereby reducing electricity consumption. Although this combination makes motor bit more voluminous, their efficiency has improved considerably.

The latest premium series of washing machines from LG are equipped with both technologies – Digital Inverter and Direct Drive. With this arrangement, LG washers are not only energy-efficient, but they also produce less noise and have a better life.

A new type of Siemens washing machine is armed with a more intelligent iQDrive engine. This is a frictionless magnetic motor that is much quieter, faster and more efficient than the previous generation of motors. Siemens believes that iQDrive would save more than 33% energy than regular engines used in other washing machines.

Smart Control using apps and sensors

All types of loads washing machine
All types of loads washing machine

After TVs, even washing machines get smarter. Manufacturers now bring the check and diagnostic options of the washing machine using the mobile application.

The smart washing machines from LG are equipped with NFC tags for diagnosis and monitoring. The basic concept of this technology is when a user presses the button on the washing machine, the smartphone on which the Smart Diagnosis app is installed, listens to the tone transmission and alerts if there is a problem with the washing machine. It will also try to detect the actual problem by analyzing and recording those special tones. Once the detection is complete, it provides immediate troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

With premium wifi compatible washing machines from Samsung, users can operate their washing machines with a smartphone via the Smart Control app. With this app, a user can operate his washing machine remotely using a smartphone. It also informs the user about the status of the washing machine, whether it has a problem and the actions required to solve it, on the smartphone itself

Smart control  machine with sensors
Smart control washing machine


Modern washers can remove various stains and deposits with the help of efficient designs such as direct drive and variable frequency motor. Improved design also helps to reduce the radiated sound levels. All this is achieved by keeping the consumption of electricity, water, and detergent at the bottom.

Then there are complete breakthrough washers such as TwinWash and FlexWash that help users to double and separate their laundry. Modern washing machines from certain manufacturers are also protected against electric grilling


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