iOS 14 Update Rolling in iPhone WWDC 2020 Complete Guide

WWDC 2020 keynote began with Apple CEO Tim Cook talking to the audience via a live stream about the launch of iOS 14. He began the keynote by talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and Apple’s initiatives to support the movement. Tim Cook also spoke about the Covid-19 pandemic and he lauded the efforts of healthcare workers at the frontlines. The entire WWDC 2020 event is being held online due to the pandemic. Apple’s SVP of engineering Craig Federighi then took to the stage to talk about iOS 14.

iOS 14 Features: app library, home screen widgets, and ios 14 beta AVAILABE NOW.

iOS 14
iOS 14

The iOS 14 release date is 22 June 2020.The first feature he announced for iOS 14 was App Library. This is essentially a folder system for iOS that allows you to organize apps into neat folders. You can access this by sliding your finger to the right and reaching the last screen. You can also hide certain application pages. The Application Library also allows you to search for applications quickly, through a search bar at the top.

The next iOS 14 features Federighi announced were the widgets for iOS 14. These widgets are better organized than before, and you can even add them to the home screen. This drastically changes the appearance of your iOS home screen, something that has been pretty much the same since iOS was first released. You can also add a Smart Stack widget that automatically displays relevant widgets and also check latest gadgets.

The next important feature was Picture in Picture for iPhone. When you open a video and minimize the application, the video continues to play in a small window on the iPhone. This feature was exclusive to the previous iPad. You can slide to the side and the audio continues playing on the side.

Apple also announced a new design for Siri and a new application called Translate that supports completely offline translation for languages. It has a horizontal conversation mode that makes it easy to see translations.

The next big feature announced was the Messages update. The main feature is the ability to pin messages in standard messaging applications. There are also many new Memoji customization options, including a skin for your Memoji. iOS 14 also finally adds online responses to iMessage. You can reply to individual messages, mention specific people, receive notifications only when they mention you, and a new group message icon.

You now have guides on Apple Maps and cycling directions on iOS 14. Another nifty feature is EV routing, which will help you avoid range anxiety in electric cars by choosing the best path and helping you find charging stations, Apple said. .

Then Federighi spoke about CarPlay, which is Apple’s platform for in-car entertainment. Another feature is to allow you to use your iPhone as a car key. This will work with the launch of a BMW car next month, and this feature will also work on iOS 13 devices. This feature is based on the U1 ultra-wideband chip.

The next major feature announcement for iOS 14 was about the App Store. When you don’t have an app you need, you can use a feature called App Clips to quickly run an app without installing it. These app clips will only stay on your iPhone as long as you need them. App Clips are easier for businesses that have an iPhone, and developers can create them even if they don’t have iPhone apps.


  • Widgets on Home Screen
  • Picture in Picture Video
  • Messages with inline replies and mentions
  • Siri less intrusive and annoying
ios 14 in iphone
ios 14 in iphone

iPadOS 14: improved handwriting support

Federighi then spoke about iPadOS 14. It has a new feature called Sidebar that makes better use of available screen space with a macOS-like sidebar where you will find options for quick access. There is a toolbar at the top for the calendar that gives you additional options. Overall, the theme is to make better use of the iPad’s big screen.

There is a new Siri button that appears at the bottom right to allow you to complete actions you need, like quickly adding reminders. Incoming calls on iPad or iPhone will not fill the entire screen – they will be displayed at the top in a small window that is easy to dismiss. There is an improved search on iPadOS, which allows you to search within applications or on the Web. This is very much like Spotlight on Mac.

Apple Pencil below. Apple says iPadOS 14 will have better support for Apple Pencil through the handwriting support. You can use the Scribble function to convert handwriting to text. You can also select handwriting as you would select text. Taking notes will get simpler on iPadOS 14. You can type directly into text fields to convert handwriting to text.

AirPods software updates: spatial audio

AirPods now have a new feature called automatic switching, which allows you to switch between multiple Apple devices instantly. If you receive a call on your iPhone while watching a video on Mac, AirPods can automatically switch to the iPhone and vice versa once your call ends. AirPods Pro is getting spatial audio for more immersive sound. Spatial audio works with 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos audio.


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