Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Here is the TOP 10 list of all the categories presented on our website.

Note that a Top 10 in and of itself means very little in terms of driving Web site traffic. More specific details are needed before it becomes meaningful. Considerations include; popularity and value of the search term if the search term was entered in a standard or nonstandard way, the size and demographics of the search engine, and how well your site can satisfy visitors looking for the search term.

Nevertheless, some companies are obsessed with getting Top 10 search engine rankings, and some companies even use this as a means of determining payment. If you are contemplating this, consider specifying the following points upfront with the SEO firm you are dealing with:

A list of the major search engines to be targeted. This avoids after-the-fact haggling over what constitutes a major search engine.

The exact way you want the search to be found. Try to determine the default search style for your keywords. This typically does not include quotes or symbols, uses only lowercase, and uses the most natural singular/plural option… although these generalities may vary significantly by keywords and industries.