How Hair dryer works- Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Hair Dryers in India 2019
Best Hair Dryers in India

How Hair Dryer Works

Electric hair dryers work by blowing room temperature air in through the vents. The air then passes over nichrome wire coils that heat it, making it able to blow the hair dry with hot air. The process of air blowing on the hair speeds up water evaporation.


Personal hair dryers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all contain the same components and work in the same way. The typical hair dryer includes an on/off switch, a fan-speed switch, a fan and motor, a heat switch, a heating element, and a thermal cutout switch.

The heating switch controls the amount of current delivered to the heating element, thus controlling the heat delivered by the hair dryer. The fan-speed switch controls the speed of the fan motor and fan, thus controlling the force of the air delivered by the hair dryer. The thermal cutout switch, a safety feature, shuts off the heating element if it gets too hot.

History of Hair Dryers

The first hair dryer came onto the scene in 1890. Because people actually used to dry their hair using a vacuum cleaner, French salon owner Alexander Godefroy fashioned the first known hair dryer by switching a vacuum cleaner hose from ‘intake’ to ‘exhaust,’ making warm air blew out of it instead of into it. Needless to say, the design, though pretty ingenious, was not widely accepted for its bulk and clumsiness. Later, the dryer is known as the ‘hair hood dryer,’ made of hard plastic, was a large, dome-shaped hood that would fit down over a person’s head as they sat under it. Hot air was blown out through the small openings around the inside of the dome in order to dry the hair evenly. These dryers were very popular in salons until recently when they were largely replaced, even in salons, by blow dryers. The hood-type dryers are still used, mostly in salons, for clients who are getting something more done to their hair, such as a permanent or color.


Normally, evaporation is controlled by relative humidity — the ratio of the amount of water the air holds to the amount it could hold. For example, if the relative humidity is 90%, that means that the air is holding 90% of its maximum volume of water. When air is heated, its relative humidity decreases. It still has the same amount of water, but it can hold more. The lower the relative humidity, the more easily water evaporates. Therefore, hot air will dry your hair faster, since the water in your hair will evaporate more quickly.

Types of Hair Dryer

The most popular types of hair dryers in use today are ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic.

1.Ionic Hair dryer

Ionic Hair dryer types with blower
Ionic Hair dryer

Ionic hair dryers neutralize positive charges in hair because they generate negative ions. This process reduces frizz and static electricity, which is why these dryers are so popular.

2.Tourmaline Hair dryer

Tourmaline Hair dryer type
Tourmaline Hair dryer

Tourmaline hair dryer types are made from this precious stone, tourmaline. The stone actually generates a lot of negative ions at once. As with ionic hair dryers, these negative ions soften and smooth hair, reducing frizz and static. Tourmaline hair dryers also heat up quickly, significantly reducing the time it takes to dry and style hair.

3. Ceramic Hair dryer

 Ceramic blow dryer types
Ceramic Hair dryer

Ceramic hair dryers are popular because they dry hair quickly, and that often means less hair damage. Stylists favor ceramic hair dryers for this reason. Ceramic hair dryers contain self-regulating heaters and motors that are constructed of ceramic coils. These coils emit infrared heat. Ceramic dryers are also popular because their ‘Nano’ technology is known to reduce bacteria formation.

Electric hair dryers, especially the portable, hand-held kind, have certainly revolutionized not just the beauty industry, but life in modern society as a whole. Though this may sound like an overstatement, the truth is that hair is a billion-dollar industry in the U.S. alone, and hair dryers are at the forefront of this market. Hair dryers have become one of the most utilized tools in industrialized history. As a Hollywood actress once put it, “Without my hair dryer, I’m nothing!”

Advantages of Using a Hair Dryer

  • Decreased Drying Time: Thick and long hair takes a long time to dry. Using Ionic hair dryer breaks down water particles, leading to faster water evaporation and thus cutting down the drying time by 50%.
  • Minimum Heat Damage: When compared to standard blow dryer, hair dryers are much gentle as they use less heat to dry hair. As the amount of time taken to dry the hair is reduced, the hair damage will also be less.
  • Reduced Frizz: Frizzy hair is prone to static which is why ionic hair dryers are perfect. Ionic technology will release negative ions that neutralize the static charges, minimize frizz, tighten cuticles and create a smooth finish. Ionic hair dryers also reduce surface tension which prevents the hair from getting tangled.
  • Smooth Hair – Negative ions released by the ionic hair dryer lock the moisture in the hair cuticle, leaving the strands smooth and luxurious. This makes it easy to style your hair as well.
  • Comfort – As hair dryers are light in weight, you can easily you them to style your hair without straining the hands, shoulders or arms. If you travel a lot, then smaller units can be handy.
  • Durability – Ionic hair dryers have a longer lifespan and durability than conventional hair dryers. However, high quality ones can be a little expensive than blow dryers. But they are worth every penny you invest.

Disadvantages of Using a Hair Dryer

The only drawback of hair dryer is – if used repeatedly, then it can drain all the necessary moisture and make the hair frizzy and brittle. This can ultimately lead to hair falls as well. However, if you have to use a hair dryer regularly, then you can try semi-drying your hair.

Things to Look for When Buying a Hair Dryer

buyers guide for hair dryer and attachments
buyers guide for hair dryer

When it comes to hairstyling, hair dryers for both men and women. The warm air emerging from the hair dryer will remove the wetness. When it comes to purchasing a hair dryer, investing in a high quality model will decrease the chances of winding up in a dry scalp and brittle hair. we should know about the types of hair dryer attachments available in the market.

The key items to focus while shopping for a hair dryer include type, power, material used, hot/cold air or any other accessories. If you aren’t unaware of these factors, we have provided them in detail. Scroll down to know how these factors help you to decide the best of the available brands in the market.

1. Motor

Motor is responsible for the efficiency and performance of a hair dryer. A motor with good wattage provides sufficient heat and pressure required to quickly dry the hair without damaging it. High-torque and AC motors are the perfect choice as they have the capability of moving the air quickly through your hair. When compared to cheaper and low quality alternatives, salon-quality AC motor provides 40% much faster results. And they can last up to 3 times longer as well. If you use a hair dryer regularly, then investing in a product with a high-quality motor is important.

2. Power Consumption

This factor plays an important role in deciding – how fast the hair dryer can dry up the hair completely. Wattage measures how fast the motor of the hair dryer works. Dryers with higher wattage will dry your hair faster than a dryer with low wattage. For curly and thin hair types, 1400Watt motor is sufficient enough to the hair shafts thoroughly without causing any damage. However, for those with extremely thick or difficult to dry hair, a dryer with wattage of 1800 to 2000 is recommended.

3. Heat Settings

Just like material and wattage are important, having different temperature settings is also crucial for a hairdryer. Search for a product that with at least 3 different heat settings that include – low, medium and high heat. Apart from these, modern hair dryers come with an adjustable heat setting option. It is best suited for people with fine and thin hair. These hair types soak the heat much quicker than thick hair. So, you can adjust the heat and airflow according to the requirements. Starting with the lowest setting, you can adjust the temperature as per the need.

The below table represents hair type and suitable hair settings…

Hair Type Heat Setting
Fine, thin and dry hair Low heat setting
Normal hair Medium setting
Coarse and thick hair High heat setting
Fine hair Adjustable heat setting

4. Filter

Most of the hair dryers available in the Indian market come with filters – which are present to protect the motor and increase the lifespan of the blow dryer. Over time, filters gather dust, lint, hair, and other debris. So, they have to be cleaned regularly. Some hair dryers come with hinges which are much easier to clean. Too hot temperatures and decreased airflow are the indicators that tell you to clean the filters. You can use tweezers to remove lint and hair. If it has removable grills, then it can even vacuum the filter.

5. Different Hair Dryer Accessories

  • Cold Air Blaster – This feature helps to seal the hair’s outer cuticle, locking the moisture and improves softness. If the hair is brittle and dirty, then it will help to reduce the coarseness. It also prevents any additional damage caused by heat.
  • Nozzle – It lets the air and heat flow in one direction to ensure the targeted hair area gets dried up quickly. If you are experiencing frizzy hair, the absence of nozzle can also be a reason. Without nozzle, hair flows in all directions, pushing the cuticle up and leaving frizzy hair.
  • Diffuser – This feature is suitable for people with curly hair and who want volume. It helps to add volume and embrace hair’s natural texture. It will help smoothen and lock the curls while blow drying. For curly hair, it is better to choose a diffuser with thicker separator as it preserves the shape of curls.
  • Concentrator – Concentrator snaps on at the end of the blow dryer and emits hot air in the form of a concentrated stream. This feature allows you to straighten your hair with the dryer and reduce frizz.
  • Comb Attachment – It is very convenient to have a comb attachment as you can style your hair while drying it. Make sure the comb attachment can smoothly glide through your hair, leaving it untangled and shiny throughout.
  • Cord – Choose a hair dryer with a considerably long power cord so that you can hold it over your head freely as your style your hair. Some hair dryers come with retractable cord features which makes them easy to store.
  • Low EMF – Some people are worried about electromagnetic field emissions. Some hair dryers have high EMF, while some have low. If you use a hair dryer regularly, then check EMF before purchase.
  • Quick Dry – Some hair dryers come with quick dry feature, which is suitable for working women.
  • Dual Voltage – If you travel frequently, then having a hair dryer with dual voltage feature would be highly beneficial.

6. Auto-Shut Off                                 

Auto shut off feature in hair dryer helps to turn off the device when the excess heat is generated (i.e. more than the required) as it results in hair loss or damage.

7. Weight

Weight of a hair dryer should also be considered while purchasing the product online. Heavyweight hair dryers come with big motors which make them faster and more powerful. Also, they’re very difficult to use/handle and will be a burden to your arms. And the lightweight dryers are more comfortable to use and hold while drying the hair from different angles. So, it’s best to choose a blow dryer that weighs less than a pound.

8. Price and Warranty

As the price of hair dryers range from few hundreds to thousands, you can choose anyone based on your budget. When it comes to warranty, make sure the brand/company provides at least a 1 or 2-year warranty. During the warranty period, if the device doesn’t work, then you can get it repaired or replaced without any extra costs.

1. Does using a hair dryer cause damage to your hair?

As per research, even air drying can cause damage to your hair as well. And using a hair dryer will actually cause less damage. However, you have to use the hair dryer at the right distance and temperature.

2. How much does a hair dryer cost?

Usually, these devices cost around Rs.300 to Rs.5000 or more depending on the functionalities, power consumption, and other factors.

3. Do hair driers give off radiation?

Yes, hair dryers give off some radiation and as it held to head, it can be a bit harmful. So, it is recommended to place the hairdryer at some distance. Never put the hair dryer near to head when you are using it.

4. Is it ok to use a hair dryer daily?

Actually, it is not recommended to use a hairdryer daily as it can dry out the scalp and excess heat can damage hair cuticles and hair breakage. If you have to use a hair dryer daily, then it is better to apply some hair serum on the dry hair.

5. Does hair dryer lead to hair fall?

High heat temperature from blow-drying can lead to dry and brittle hair which can ultimately lead to hair breakage and hair fall.

6. What is the appropriate hair dryer for thin hair?

People who have thin hair obviously look for a device that adds thickness and volume. When styling thin hair, it is better to purchase a ceramic hairdryer. This device regulates heat temperature levels to avoid damage to thin and fragile hair. And moreover, it creates lift in the stands to make your hair bulky and lively.

7. Which hair dryer is good for thick and frizzy hair?

Thick hair takes lots of time to dry. You can cut the drying time by 50 – 60%, if you use an ionic hair dryer. These devices use negative ions to dry the hair (dry drying up the positively charged water ions). This process will not only fasten up the drying process but also prevents frizz and curls.

8. What is the suitable hair dryer for curly hair?

If you are looking a hair dryer that embraces your hair’s natural texture, then look for a hairdryer with diffuser attachment. Curly hair has a different texture than other hair types. The diffuser will smoothen and lock the curls.


Hair Dryers are surely our knight in shining armor. They help us get our desired hairstyle within a few minutes. But whenever you use a hair dryer make sure to keep at a certain distance from your hair. Because the direct heat at too close proximity can damage the hair texture and lead to breakage.

We understand that choosing a single hair dryer from several choices can be overwhelming. But if you are still confused, read our buying guide to pick the right one as per your requirements.

When it comes to our choice, our top priority from the list is Philips Hair Dryer that offers exceptional performance at an affordable price. It comes in a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and handle effortlessly. Moreover, it comes with a finite number of attachments like nozzle, concentrator, and filter to blow the hot air evenly to the hair strands.

It performs the blowing operation in just 15-minutes and has a warranty of 2-years from the date of purchase. Besides, Philips hair dryer reviews and ratings are too good and interesting.


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