Best Earphones in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

First you need to decide on one of two types of wireless ear buds – wireless earbuds true and truly wireless earbuds. They both provide a comfortable fit and superb sound quality. However, true wireless is lighter and more expensive than just wireless ear buds.

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in-ears earphone
in-ears earphone

Battery standby / music time:

Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth use lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable. Thus, go for a best wireless earphones product whose battery is high standby with a single charge. This ensures that you have longer music or talk time with fee Best wireless headphones. Music time of 8-9 hours is better.

Noise cancellation

A noise cancelling headphones enables you to enjoy your music without disturbing the surroundings. This feature noise cancellation earphones stops all outside noises when you listen to music or when you are in an essential call without detonating the sound in noise cancelling wireless headphones. Noise cancelling earphones is very convenient and also saves your eardrums.


Wireless ear buds operate using Bluetooth connectivity. Go for a connection to Bluetooth that is compatible with your smartphone or any other device. The Bluetooth connection box connection must be strong and work correctly even at the 30 meter range.

Best Fit Earbuds

The ear buds you buy should fit the most. Make sure they come with three sizes of earbuds (small earbuds, medium earbud, and large earbuds) so that you can choose the one earbuds wireless that is the most comfortable fit.

Bluetooth Earbuds should stay in place and should not come out. Earbuds Bluetooth also allows you to use it easily while running in the gym or doing intense workouts.

Design and control

Go for a lightweight and compact design wireless Bluetooth Earbuds so that they are comfortable to wear and easy to carry as well. Bluetooth Earpods should be stylish and light so that it does not feel even when worn on your ears.

Go for neckband earphones that come with controls such as power off, volume control and answering or rejecting calls that allow easy operation with just a touch of a button/press of a button.

Some wireless earphones also have voice command that enable you to get help from Siri, Alexa and Google assistant without having to remove your phone from the pocket.

Sweat / Splash Proof

Go for wireless earphones that come with IP-X4 or IP-X7 sweat / splash-proof protection. Bluetooth wala headphone protects your ear buds from intense gym headphones for workouts, running headphones, and perspiration during the rain. Best Sweatproof wireless, earbuds mivi earbuds therefore enhance the durability of the accessory, while making them gym-friendly.


Go for brands like Skullcandy wireless earphones, Bose wireless earphones, Boat Rockerz etc. These branded Bluetooth earphones come with a guarantee of their ear bud models. The minimum warranty should be for one year. This allows you to listen to your favorite track without worrying about buying a new one.


Bluetooth earphone price is another important factor for any product. True wireless earbuds are much more expensive than just beats wireless earbuds. While some brands like Bose fall in the 10k-15k range, they are totally worth their price. Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth are available at all prices; however, try to go for a higher price for a good model.

Sound quality

Go for an earphone with best sound quality that provides a good stereo sound quality with a base sound. The sound coming from both best sound quality true wireless earbuds should be in synchronization without any distortion. Thus, check the sound quality before purchasing the product.

Call handling

Call handling skills is an important feature of ear buds. We have ear best Cordless Earbuds that can handle calls with great performance. This is good for busy people who need to attend a lot of calls. In addition, we have Airpods wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that can perform well with music and provide average performance in managing calls. Therefore, the user should ensure that the best call quality wireless earbuds he selects provide good performance for both.

Support fitness tracking:

Along with lifestyle changes, we see many fitness freaks stealth earbuds. They are most concerned about their workouts.

Types of Bluetooth earphones :

bluetooth earphones
bluetooth earphones

In-ears earphones:

In-ear earphones are generally of two different types:

  •   Fits in the ear cavities
  •   Completely filled in the ear canals.

These two types of earphones have their own merits and demerits:

First people can be problematic when it comes to their size. Earphones they are too big or small for your ear cavity, they can cause pain and other ear related problems.

If the latter does not fit you properly then the latter can also be quite uncomfortable. They can be either too large or too small for different ears, and this creates unnecessary problems when listening to music. You can choose these earphones tips according to your ear shape as there are so many options available online.

Given the pros and cons of both types of earphones: people choose the       latter because of the comfort that it offers. In ear headphones noise cancelling wireless design of such earphones makes it more attractive than others.

On-ears earphones:

On-ear earphones, or more commonly known as headphones,

These are of two different types: These two differ in the fact that they are either pressed against your ears or encircle your ears.

The former type of earphones is usually lightweight and ideal for small ears and heads. If you prefer padding then you need to choose this type of headphones. The second type of headphones is best suited for men because they are a bit on the heavy side. Both types of headphones are ideal for listening to music or watching videos. They block outside noise and give you the best listening experience of all time.

Wireless Earphones: 

Such wireless earphones latest do not need to be connected to any special device such as your mobile phone or your laptop as they come with the latest wireless technology. You can use wireless earphones with type c charging them while exercising or watching videos very effortlessly as no mobility is required.

Noise Cancelling:

When best cheap noise cancelling Earbuds comes to music, people do not want any disturbances. When people like to listen to music in their spare time, they do not want any disturbance from the outside world.

The best earphone brands have ensured the type of noise cancelling sport earbuds in headphones that do not blur the sound of your music from external and unwanted noise.

The technology does not work with too many different types of noise because the microphone is not ready to take and adjust different frequencies. Bose noise cancelling bluetooth earphones can cancel on noise such as airplane engines, factory machines, air conditioners or other similar sounds.

The rules of this type of earphones are that they give you a noise-free environment while agreeing that they require extra power and batteries to work.


There is another type of special gaming earphones that gamers use when playing their favorite games. Gaming earphones for mobile is unconditional that gamers hate interruptions, be it from any unwanted voice or anything else. These earphones enhance the experience of playing video games by providing a virtual environment to the player.

Such gaming earphones with mic also help the player recognize the direction of the audio and play better games. Negative aspects of these gaming ear buds include not being good at listening to music and being very specific.

Once you know about the types of best gaming earbuds available in India, to see the best things, you should worry about the specifications of your product. When you invest your hard earned money in ear gaming earphones, you expect the best features and want it to last longer.


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